Who is Q?

A virus is at this time spreading with incredible speed. No, we’re not talking about the COVID19 but the Q virus. As the 2020 U.S. Presidential election approaches, the messages from the mysterious Q has gained a new wave of momentum and a much wider audience, much thanks to a newly released Dutch ‘documentary’ going viral, right at the time of the global lockdown to contain the spread of the corona virus.

Updated May 25, 2020, Aug 25, 2021, Aug 17, 2022, Jan 12, 2023

What is Qanon?

Qanon started in October 2017 as cryptic messages from a mysterious Q on the anonymous internet forum 4Chan (later migrating to 8Chan). Q is said to be a reference to a high-level government security clearance, but may perhaps refer to the Q in Q&A, as Q communicates mainly in questions and riddles. The Qanons are Q’s anonymous followers researching the topics and Q drops from Q. Will Sommer sums up the gist of the Q narrative:

A cabal of global elites, including top figures in Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the intelligence agencies, are responsible for nearly all the evil in the world. And now Trump is going to fix it all with thousands of sealed indictments, sending the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama straight to Guantanamo Bay.[1]

Fall of the Cabal

The viral 10-part film, The Cabal, Deep State and QAnon (2019) was made by Dutch author and filmmaker Janet Ossebaard (with a previous interest in crop circles, UFOs, Tesla technology, and  extra-terrestial healing). It was issued for purchase from the filmmaker’s website on January, 31, 2020, and released on Youtube on March 27. Ossebaard states that she became a member of Q-Anons towards the end of 2017 and immediately started researching and working on this production, “with the aid of countless anons around the world”.[2]

The content of the film seems to correlate with the book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening (2019) by a group of 12 anonymous Q followers.

The film is compellingly put together, drawing the viewer in with some puzzling mysteries and popular conspiracy theories – ranging from energy weapons and chemtrails to Monsanto/Bayer, Federal Reserve, and 9/11. It creatively mixes grains of verifiable truth with simplified exaggerations and wild allegations. Unlike a professional documentary, it contains no filmed sequences or interviews, only memes, screenshots and photos off the Internet, all presented with a highly suggestive and emotive narration, leading questions, and carefully selected background music to set the mood for each episode.

The political bias is overtly obvious. Democrats are evil, Trump is good. Already in Part 1, the old “Hillary e-mails” come up, even though she is not Trump’s political opponent in this election. The Clintons dominate the story throughout, and not in a flattering way. Many of the themes and allegations pointed to by Q and presented in Fall of the Cabal (Pizzagate etc) are identical to those used against Clinton and the Democrats in 2016. Trump’s virtues and successes as President are listed in the film.

The overall impression after viewing all 10 parts is that it is simply a tasteless election film for Donald Trump, tailored to cater to beliefs already circulating in alternative media.

The overarching theme of the film is alleged pedophilia and Satanic rituals among the elite, especially Democrats. Towards the end, Q, Trump – and the late JFK Jr. (!) – are heralded as our saviours (here the music gets increasingly pompous) to lead us to our “glorious future” where the “cabal” is rounded up, imprisoned and/or executed. Then we will have world peace, an even distribution, and finally the abolition of Federal Reserve and the income tax. On top of this, we will have free Tesla energy and anti-gravity. These, according to Ossebaard, are secrets kept by Trump’s uncle John – who is suggested by to also have had a time machine!

I have grown to fully trust Don, Master of all Masters. (Janet Ossebaard, Fall of the Cabal)

The production is so densely packed with outlandish statements and shocking images that it is hard to digest it all, let alone double-check all the claims in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is therefore not a detailed analysis of the film but only of some of its main themes.


What is a cabal?

cabal is a group of people united in some close design, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those outside their group. The use of this term usually carries negative connotations of political purpose, conspiracy and secrecy. (Wikipedia)

The word “cabal” has been used politically since at least since the17th century, usually in conjunction with a specified group. Modern day conspiracy theorists, alternative media, New Age channellers, and Nesara scammers seem to have started using it again after Marvel Comics introduced the Cabal of supervillains in 2009.

Is there a cabal running the world?

According to author David Rothkopf, there does exists what he calls an international superclass of political, religious, and business leaders with immense wealth and/or influence (“the 1%”). According to Rothkopf, the individual members and families of this superclass may vary over time, but the superclass itself remains. Its members move freely over the globe, often in private jets, and tend to have more loyalty with their own class than with the people of their respective nations of residence.[3]

Some identified members of this superclass have indeed been found by researchers to have been working purposefully over several decades towards Global Governance and a global Technocratic economic and political system.[4][5][6] These individuals are not a homogenous group and can be found both sides of the political dichotomy. Although highly competitive, they cooperate when it suits their mutual long-term interests.

Is there pedophilia and Satanism among the elite?

Many of the allegations in Fall of the Cabal appear to come from a Joachim Hagopian (claiming to be a West Point graduate and former US Army officer). His book Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State (2017–) as well as the Fall of the Cabal videos are featured on Trump fan Robert David Steele‘s Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog. Browsing through the chapters of Hagopian’s book available online, it starts out on a serious note by outlining the very real problem with pedophilia, child abuse, and human trafficking in the world, citing sources such as DSM-V and UNICEF, and correctly pointing out that pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubescent children) is not the same as sexual abuse of children (acting on the urges).

The book, however, soon descends into the “satanic ritual abuse” swamp, with the already pre-conceived notion that because human sacrifice has occurred in the past and historic cults such as the Frankists have sought to break as many moral boundaries as possible, and occultists such as Aleister Crowley have dabbled in dark sex magick, Hagopian makes the very long leap that that today’s elite routinely rapes, tortures, kills, and even eats children, in order to prolong their own lives, feed demonic forces, and get a kick from a fictional drug extracted from the victims! The majority of the endnotes for Hagopian’s allegations tend to be Youtube videos, blogs, websites, British tabloids and alternative media of questionable credibility, plus his own articles. Just like the Fall of the Cabal film, Hagopian mixes confirmed sex crimes with hearsay, conjecture and his own imaginative – and often blatantly antisemitic – speculations into a toxic mix from which it can be difficult to sort fiction from fact.

What can be verified?

As for sexual abuse of children, pedophile rings have been exposed in USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium etc. The Catholic church has had a long-time problem with sexual abuse, as well as many boarding schools, orphanages, and foster homes (List of sexual abuses perpetrated by groups). In parts of Asia, forced child prostitution for sex tourism is prevalent, and human labor- and sex trafficking is a growing global problem. 

Then we have the convictions of sex offenders such as Miramax producer Harvey Weinstein (targeting young women, mostly actresses) and well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein, charged with sexual sex trafficking of minors (the youngest aged 14) to high-profile friends in politics, business, science, entertainment, modelling, and even royalty).[9]

Sexual abuse of young women in the model- and film industry has been known to occur long before #MeToo and the high-profile cases made its prevalence more visible.[10]

Also, some organisations and corporations (especially Unilever) do have some explaining to do on choice of logos, even if it could be coincidental.

Does this mean that every influential person in politics, business, science, entertainment, fashion, sports, and church is a pedophile or sex criminal? Naturally not.

During the medieval to 18th century witch trials, anyone could be accused, sentenced, jailed and sometimes executed for witchcraft, with very few means of proving one’s innocence. Accusations could come from rivalling neighbours, confessions were often acquired through torture, and children could be called in as witnesses of alleged witches “murdering babies”, “consorting with the Devil” etc.[7] Such trials eventually ended when it was realised that testimonies were simply fabricated.

In modern times, we have had cases like the infamous Oak Hill satanic ritual abuse trial, in Austin, Texas, and the Thomas Quick affair in Sweden [8] as examples of what can happen when therapists, law enforcement, media, and the general public are overly eager to believe even the most outlandish horror fantasies without actual proof. 

What about adrenochrome?

There is a bodily chemical compound of this name (in early research thought to be related to psychosis). There is, however, no evidence to support the claim that it is produced by harvesting the blood of traumatised children, or used as a youth serum. Not that there isn’t an obsession with the pursuit of youthfulness in Hollywood. And there are actual experimental plasma treatments – which have yet to produce any tangible results. But the most common methods used are still plastic surgery, Restylane, Botox, spa treatments, gold masks, special diets, personal trainers, supplements and… Photoshop.

The adrenachrome myth sounds very much like the “steam” in Stephen King’s Dr Sleep but that is fiction! Stephen King is a horror fiction writer. There have been other popular films on the same theme, but again, this is fiction. Further back in history, similar fantasies have been used as antisemitic excuses for recurring pogroms. Just like during the witch trials, there were never any real proof, only malignant rumours.

Will some artists and musicians do anything to chock and break every thinkable taboo? 

Yes. Does that mean they are real Satanists? Not necessarily. Believing so is called satanic panic.[11] For most it is just an image. Many punk bands use shocking names, outfits, and performances, just to provoke. Using the signal of the horns is usually just a badass gesture and does not mean one believes in or worships an actual Devil. In fact, quite the opposite:

Ronnie James Dio was known for popularizing the sign of the horns in heavy metal.[15][16] He claimed his Italian grandmother used it to ward off the evil eye (which is known in Italy as malocchio). Dio began using the sign soon after joining the metal band Black Sabbath in 1979. The previous singer in the band, Ozzy Osbourne, was rather well known for using the “peace” sign at concerts, raising the index and middle finger in the form of a V. Dio, in an attempt to connect with the fans, wanted to similarly use a hand gesture. However, not wanting to copy Osbourne, he chose to use the sign his grandmother always made.[17] The horns became famous in metal concerts very soon after Black Sabbath’s first tour with Dio. The sign would later be appropriated by heavy metal fans. (Wikipedia)

Rarely is the use of occult symbolism in heavy metal, for example, anything more than a way of creating an air of mystique and gothic aesthetics. With the exception of a couple of seriously twisted Norwegian black metal musicians, most metal bands and fans are just regular nice guys.

Do some high-profile people have shockingly sick taste in art?

Clearly! The avantgarde of the contemporary art scene is often bizarre and distasteful in the extreme. Does it mean that those who create, enjoy or pretend to be cool with grossly disturbing and perverted art, or openly flirt with dark occultism, regularly engage in real Satanic rituals (including sodomising, torturing, killing, and eating children for occult reasons)? Again, not necessarily. If they were “real” witches, satanists, baby killers etc, wouldn’t they be more likely to want to keep a low profile?

Such allegations can also be used as a political strategy. This is how wars and totalitarian power grabs are started: by painting the “enemy”, political opponents or targeted ethnic groups as inhuman monsters who must be defeated at every cost, perhaps even exterminated, and deserving of no pity whatsoever. This is how people can be persuaded to either participate in, endorse, or turn a blind eye to the most horrific atrocities against other humans (e.g. pogroms, cultural revolutions, or ethnic cleansing).

This is also how truly empathic and spiritual people today can rejoice at the thought of the “Cabal” being sent to Guantanamo – with the implicit prospect of never-ending torture or execution – based on nothing more than internet rumours. Really?

That said, some may understandably find it hard to grasp what Marina Abramovic wants to say with sickening performances such as her “spirit cooking” (which appears to allude to the Tate-LaBianca murder scene, where “Death to pigs” was written on the wall in the blood of the victims). Not exactly in good taste. She still insists it is only art, and that her work has been misinterpreted.[12] One may believe that or not, but for anyone to state with certainty that she has done anything more nefarious than producing shocking and repulsive art to get attention (which is currently not a criminal offence in the U.S.), more solid evidence must be required.

Has the Trump Administration been fighting human trafficking? 

Yes. Such a program was initiated by the President in 2017. This is great and may have halted the activities of many deserving criminals and human traffickers – of persons (for labour or sex), not just children. In practice it also means increasing surveillance and implementing Trump’s Biometric Entry/Exit VISA Tracking System and 5G initiative. Starting with illegal immigrants and criminals is a clever way of getting such Big Brother ideas accepted among the general public, and can easily be extended from there.

Will Saint Donald save the whole world from sex offenders?

You really believe that former Miss Universe owner, Mr. “grab them by the pussy”, has been sent by a higher power to protect the world’s women and children against sexual abuse?

As it turns out, Trump was as connected to Epstein as the Clintons.[13] In 2007, the first time Epstein was convicted of “buying sex” from minors, the U.S. attorney in Miami, Alexander Acosta, helped Epstein get the “sweetheart deal” that meant he had to serve only 13 months part-time in a private wing of a county prison, which he could leave six days a week to work in his office! Acosta was then chosen as President Trump’s Secretary of Labor![14]

Will the “cabal” be arrested soon?

First of all, military coup d’etats, and throwing political opponents in torture detention centers on vague allegations, is something dictators do. Is that really what people want to see happening?

Secondly – and this may come as a surprise to some – Trump is/was actually not a global dictator with jurisdiction all over the world. He is well connected though… with the same financial and political elite that he himself is a part of (see The Last Trump).

Thirdly, claims of impending “mass arrests of the cabal” come from the same fraudsters that have kept people waiting for NESARA for decades. David Wilcock is only one in a long line of false prophets, whose “prophetic dreams” and claimed insider intel has proven wrong so many times that it’s a real miracle that anyone still believes one word he has to say.

Will Federal Reserve be shut down and income tax abolished? 

Not likely (see above about waiting for NESARA).

If something like that would happen (e.g. as a response to the global economic crises in the wake of the COVID19 shutdown), it would be to replace the current capitalist system with a global Technocracy, where each person is tagged, surveilled, and offered a monthly energy quota with gradually shrinking rations. Sure, that would make everyone equally miserable, but this is probably not the kind of equality envisioned by the anons.

What about The Calm Before The Storm?

Promises that “something” will happen any day now have been issued for years… just like the NESARA scammers.

Some followers are getting tired of waiting, just like some got tired of waiting for NESARA.
Besides doing documentaries such as Fall of the Cabal, Ms Ossebaard also writes for a Dutch New Age blog that features subjects like UFOs and NESARA, so it is perhaps not surprising to find her (from the end of 2019) propagating very similar hopes of a wonderful future for all, about to be implemented any day now…

Screenshot from www.ninefornews.nl

Who is Q?

No one knows, but very likely someone close to the Trump Administration. Q started appearing in October 2017, well in advance for the 2020 elections, and had strong a pro-Trump bias right from the start. Could this be the cleverest election campaign strategy ever? Or an intelligence operation to keep those hungry for truth and change passive and hopeful, endlessly waiting for a Saviour that never comes, while the real movers and shakers make their final move to control the entire planet? Or maybe just a psy-op test to see how gullible people are?

Do you really “trust the plan”? What plan? Whose plan?

See also Still waiting for NESARA?

Read about some of the the real and documented manipulators of this world in Rockefeller – Controlling the Game by Jacob Nordangård

Update 25 Aug 2021:

By now it should be more than obvious that nothing promised by Q-AnonTrump, Ossebaard, Wilcock, Fulford, or any of the other tricksters out there, has come true. JFK Jr. is still dead, no “cabal” is locked up, no children have been found in any tunnels, and the world still keeps moving full speed ahead towards a global Technocracy.

For those who want to know more about this subject, we recently received a very long blog article, What is Q-Anon, with a much more detailed analysis of the Q movement; its origins, beliefs and outcomes. Well worth reading! Note: We do not necessarily agree with all of its conclusions, as some of the listed top-10 conspiracy theories are still open to questions (e.g. 911, the JFK assassination, and the notion of human-induced climate change). A truly unbiased approach is to investigate each theory case by case, and to neither believe or dismiss everything out of hand just because they have been thrown in the same basket or have been embraced by a particular team.

Also, just because a few extremists have committed violent acts, it does not follow that everyone with a fringe belief or opposing political view is dangerous. That narrative in itself can actually cause further division and conflict, which is not what we need right now. We are all fellow humans, doing our best to make sense of a world evermore complex and confusing.

Update  17 Aug, 2022:

The investigative documentary series QAnon: The Search for Q was quite interesting and gave some real clues as to who Q might be. Interviews were conducted, names were named, including General Mike Flynn (who gets very angry when asked) and the possibility of the whole thing being an intelligence PSYOP or takeover was mentioned.

Update 12 Jan 2023:

While more and more people seem to become infected with the mental Q-virus, there also seems to be growing skepticism towards the phenomenon in alternative media. This video on Q is very informative:


And this PSY-OPS 101:




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Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. The author is Swedish with no stake in either candidate of the U.S. elections and do not have any particular political bias. Both the Left and the Right (for different reasons and with different methods) appear to be working towards a global Technocracy.

Comments 12

  • The Q people certaiy aren’t of love. They are angry and point fingers at innocent people in a very loud, obnoxious and childish manner. The energy that I feel from those groups is very negative. That lawsuit was filed pro Bono by a crazy person.

  • Liz Crokin is Q

  • Imaginary drug taken from babies that are killed? First it’s not imaginary, it’s pure adrenaline and there’s a huge underground market for it.

    • The compound does seem to exist naturally in the body, but I have found no proof that it is extracted or used in the way that is claimed by Qanons. I’ve updated the post with this information now.

      If you have any evidence to support the Q claim, feel free to present it here, or send it to the police.

  • Ingar – thank you so much for this great writeup. My wife was sent the “fall of the cabal” videos by an old facebook friend and was immediately suspicious. We were looking for a summary without having to watch an hour and a half video. Can’t believe these people think Donald Trump is the anti-pedophile saviour after seeing him with his daughter and how he treats women. Let alone all the other conspiracy theory stuff junked in with it. I don’t envy you having to deal with some of the people seeking to “debunk” you (like some of the other commentators). Thank you again.

  • Only difference this time is the political royals that have been in politics their whole life are trying with all their might to oust trump

  • Just insane more conspiracy from a new angle. Not saying all so called conspiracy are wrong, but for heavens sake the paranoia just doesn’t end and here we are with a new conspiracy group. Basically they are in their recent doco just promoting Trump. I mean Trump giving secret symbols, JFK still alive and will come forward when time is right for f..k sakes. Yes there is corruption and inhumane behavior and sickness particularly at the top end of town, but keep it balanced.

  • obviously your bias! clever down play but, tick….tick…..

    • I really do not have any stakes in either candidate. I’m a Swedish citizen and do not trust politicians either to the left or the right. The only reason I made this post was to try and sort the wheat from the chaff and try to insert an element of reason and moderation in this escalating Trump cult.

      Yes, tick… tick… feel free to sit there waiting for your Saviour while the world is literally taken over by S:t Donald’s corporate friends and financiers in the real world.

      This magic Event everyone is waiting for really has been promised over and over for years and years (see the documentation in Still Waiting for NESARA?). The amazing thing is that people just keep believing it, even when presidents come and go and specific dates are set where nothing happens.

      Another amazing thing is that this “saviour” is already President of the U.S. and has had 4 years to fix everything wrong with the world – which he of course has sole control over with his omnipotent supernatural powers. 😉

      Why, pray tell, would someone instigate a coup d’etat against his own government? This is something only a dictator would do (and it usually ends very badly for everyone). And announce it in advance? No one would be that stupid.

      Only scammers announce things in advance which they know are never going to happen. Only scammers are unperturbed when the promised event doesn’t happen. Only scammers keep setting new dates and dangle carrots of world peace, free energy, and eternal abundance before their followers.

      Why is it so hard to grasp that you’ve likely been had by a clever marketing campaign, skilfully designed to cater to a specific segment of the population?

      There are REAL and urgent problems that need to be addressed instead of this distraction.

      • What you said about Trump…you are bias.

        • Just like in the last election, I was equally unimpressed by both presidential candidates. Does that make me biased? And as stated above, being Swedish, I have no stake in U.S. elections.

          The Q virus, however, affects people here in my own country who are both caring and intelligent. I wrote this piece with the hope of making some of them regain a more balanced perspective.

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