Democracy, power and the global Coup d’Etat. A talk with Jacob Nordangård, PhD.

The Swedish scholar and PhD, Jacob Nordangård has made it his academic mission to analyse and map the global power networks and how they drive societal change. In his latest book he argues that we are experiencing a global Coup d’Etat, orchestrated by a technocratic elite, obsessed with a utopian vision of the perfect society, regardless of the sacrifice of individual human rights along the way.

In his dissertation at the University of Linköping, he traced the history and lineage of the EU bio fuel policies and this led him to understand the key role of the ultra rich Rockefeller family in shaping the climate narrative and the UN Agenda 2030. In Part 1 of two talks with Kathrine Johansson, PhD, who is herself a skilled researcher and academic, Jacob Nordangård gives us the big picture behind the digital vaccine passport and the key alliances between global corporations and institutions driving the current transnational policies. Besides being a author, an academic scholar and a lecturer Jacob Nordangård is also a musician and an artist, making him a true renaissance man.

Comments 1

  • I have followed the horrifying drama about “repurposed drugs” during this pandemic, in particular Ivermectin. (many poor countries have performed much better – the doctors there may use what they believe is usfeul drugs, e.g. Shankara Chetty) Very strange forces has been at play resulting that the pandemic have “kept running” longer that it should or could. For me it is fully clear that this crisis is very valuble for those running the global agenda, (e.g. international passports). Here Tess Lawrie has some interesting wiews on this, at 14-15 minutes they enter the discussion of Privat-Public-Partnership.

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